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Add some depth to your projects.

Aerial photo and video can add an alternative angle to your project and keep your viewers engaged.

Using legitimate pilots is essential.

First and foremost, it is illegal to fly a drone without the correct training, certification and insurance. As a certified CAA drone pilot, I am trained extensively on how to fly drones, and most importantly, how to fly them safely. I am aware of how wind, weather, and other outlying factors affect the drone, and also know the best angles and flight patterns to get the best media to suit your requirements.

The world of photo and video has exploded in the last few years and the ways creators utilise different angles and equipment goes way beyond your standard camera.

Technology has afforded literally everybody the ability to create exceptionally creative work and in the current climate if you aren’t using the latest and greatest tech, then your content may get left at the bottom of the ranks. Gone are the days of just holding your phone up and hitting record, now you need a solid plan of action and a story to tell, and aerial photo and video can help you attain this.

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Photo and video is what I do best

Drones can accomplish so much these days and teh quality of media achievable is of an extremely high standard. Hiring a drone pilot who is both legal and certified, and experienced in photography and videography will ensure your results are as best as they can be.


I am fully certified with the CAA and registered to fly drones commercially.


I have over 100 hours of flight experience and more than 10 years of photo and video.


I hold the relevent commercial public liability insurance up to the value of £1 million.


Using the latest camera drone hardware I am able to capture high resolution images.


My knowledge and skills will come in handy when needing advice on your project.


I am able to capture high definition, stabalised 4k video in high frame rates.

Adding drone photo and video to our marketing has helped to show off a side of our business that our clients and the public alike just don’t get to see.

When I contacted Matt about helping us with some social media marketing to showcase our building projects, I didn’t really know what to expect, but immediately Matt had some terrific ideas about using photo and video angles to enhance the viewer experience. We never thought about using drones to give our audience another visual aspect of what we do, and now we have used them, we will continue to utilise the aerial photo and video in all of our marketing.

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Focus is the key to quality work.

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